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Pool depth & volume
An overview of the deepest pools and their respective total volume over the selected period.

Name Volume Depth
BTC.BTC $14.7M $27.9M
ETH.XRUNE $5.5M $21.3M
ETH.ETH $18.9M $17.4M
BNB.BUSD $67.2M $12.7M
BNB.BNB $22.6M $9.6M
Other $34.3M $32.2M

Liquidity Over Time

Log Linear

Percentage of RUNE locked

Pools 3.82%
Active nodes 8.72%
Standby nodes 2.37%
Standby pools 0.00%
Single chain 5.68%
Unlocked 68.56%


Liquidity Providers

Efficient Efficient
Node Operator Rewards 62.66%
Liquidity Pools 37.34%
ROI: 23.07% APY
ROI: 14.53% APY